Bilad Al-Qadeem Residents Protest against Excluding them from Housing Projects

2017-05-15 - 7:33 م

Bahrain Mirror: Residents of Bilad Al-Qadeem staged a protest on Sunday (May 14, 2017) after they were excluded from the housing projects that the Housing Ministry started to distribute among people, who submitted housing requests in different governorates.

A number of protestors said that they have submitted their applications 20 years ago and that the ministry turns a blind eye to the people who submitted requests in the Capital Governorate.

For its part, the civil committee for housing in Bilad Al-Qadeem said that "the number of presented requests exceeded 1500 and that the established housing project includes about 144 housing units, 100 of which were distributed among the residents of the village and that the rest of the units were given to people from outside the village," noting that "this number of units did not even cover 10% of the requests in the village. We had hope that the ministry would take this into consideration when distributing units. However, it didn't consider our seniority in receiving the housing projects."

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