Bahrain Bars German Reporter who Criticized Salman Bin Ibrahim from Entering Country

2017-05-10 - 8:06 م

Bahrain Mirror: A German website that the Bahraini authorities have barred German reporter from entering the country to attend the FIFA Congress without mentioning any apparent justification.

The website stressed that German reporter Robert Kempe, who has written critically about Bahraini Salman Bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa, was prevented from entering Bahrain to attend the FIFA Congress meetings.

Kempe has reported critically on Bahraini Salman Bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa, who is a FIFA vice-president and president of the Asian Football Confederation.

"This is a massive interference with press freedom by the Bahraini authorities," said ARD Sports Coordinator Axel Balkausky, stressing that "A free reporting on such events must be guaranteed by FIFA."

FIFA expressed in a statement to ARD its regret that its attempts have been unsuccessful to allow the entry of Kempe to Bahrain.

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