Geneva: Czech Republic Warns of Exploiting Terrorism Law to Pursue Opponents in Bahrain

2017-05-02 - 1:28 ص

Bahrain Mirror - Exclusive: Czech Republic demanded the government of Bahrain to guarantee accountability against those perpetrating acts of torture and human rights violations. It also called on Bahrain to open the doors for victims to litigate and be compensated, while reiterating the need to ratify the Convention against Torture.

In its intervention on Monday (May 1, 2017) during the 27th UPR session in Geneva on Bahrain's human rights record, Czech Republic called on the Bahraini government to end citizenships revocations, targeting of dissidents, to guarantee cooperation with human rights mechanisms, and to not exploit the terrorism law in pursuing opponents.

"We recommend Bahrain to abolish citizenship revocations, prevent religious discrimination, treat torture victims, and lift all travel bans," Czech Republic added.

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