Geneva: Chile Concerned over Torture Complaints in Bahrain’s Criminal Investigations Building

2017-05-02 - 12:22 ص

Bahrain Mirror - Exclusive: Chile expressed its deep concern over complaints of torture in the criminal investigations building and detentions centers in Bahrain, which reportedly take place during investigations.

In its intervention on Monday (May 1, 2017) during the 27th UPR session in Geneva on Bahrain's human rights record, Chile said, "We are concerned regarding the human rights situation in Bahrain, the narrowing of democracy and restrictions on civil societies."

"We are concerned regarding what's happening in places of arrest during interrogations in Bahrain, and reported torture and ill-treatment complaints, especially occurring in the criminal investigations unit building in Bahrain," it added.

Chile further demanded Bahrain to ratify the Convention against Torture, and adopt policies and plans that would guarantee quality among citizens.

Also, Chile called on the government of Bahrain to suspend death penalties in an approach to completely abolish it.

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