Family of Detainee Hussein Abu Hamad Demands Allowing him Receive his Medications in Dry Dock Prison

2017-04-24 - 8:31 م

Bahrain Mirror: Family of detainee Hussein Jaafar Abdullah Abu Hamad (21 years) demanded the competent parties in the reform and rehabilitation center in Dry Dock Prison to allow their son receive his medications prescribed by a doctor, in Al-Salmaniya Medical Complex, after undergoing a surgery in his stomach.

The family stated that "Hussein is sentenced to 11 years in prison and that he started serving his prison term when he was 18 years. He was held at the new prison in Dry Dock prison and he underwent a surgery in his stomach in Al-Salmaniya Medical Complex. The doctor prescribed him a number of medications; medical herbs, and we used to bring the medications and deliver them through the competent parties. However, when Hussein tuned 21 years, he was transferred to the central reform center in Dry Dock Prison and since then he was not allowed to receive his medications."

"Since he was denied his medications, Hussein has been suffering from inability to eat regularly. He couldn't eat since 3 days. He asked the competent parties in the reform center to allow him to visit the medical clinic affiliated to the center, however, he couldn't visit it until now. Thus, we urge the competent parties either to give him his medications or allow us to send him the medications through the specified mechanisms," it further added.

The family concluded "our son has been suffering from skinniness since he experienced health setback and underwent a surgery. Thus, we are very concerned about his health and we call on the competent parties to take his situation into consideration and reach a solution that allow him receive his medications urgently."

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