Public Prosecution Charges Activists with Illegal Assembly in Diraz, Issues Travel Bans against Them

2017-04-23 - 7:17 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Public Prosecution charged Sunday (April 23, 2017) a number of activists whom it had summoned, with illegal assembly in Diraz.

The Prosecution had summoned a group of activists for days, and among the most prominent activists summoned was activist Ibrahim Sharif.

Activists confirmed that the Public Prosecutor issued a travel ban against those who were interrogated.

Among the activists summoned for interrogation were "Wa'ad" member Farida Ghulam, human rights lawyer Mohammad al-Tajer, human rights activist Fatima al-Halwachi, activist Inas Aoun, activist Ibtisam al-Sayegh, activist Ahmad Al-Saffar, activist Abdulnabi al-Akri, activist Zeinab Khamis, and journalist Faisal Hayat.

Ibrahim Sharif on his part noted that these summoned come at the time when the Universal Period Review (UPR) sessions are held in Geneva.

The Prosecution did not justify the reason behind the subpoenas, but they clarified that the interrogations would be in presence of Prosecutors Khaled al-Tamimi and Abdullah al-Khashram.

Last week the authorities summoned former Secretary General of "Wa'ad", then released him after charging him with illegal assembly in Diraz.

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