Housing Ministry Installs Surveillance Cameras outside Residential Apartments in Salmabad

2017-04-22 - 1:49 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini citizens, who have benefited from the residential apartments, presented by the Housing Ministry in Salmabad, said, "The Ministry of Housing started a few days ago to install surveillance cameras outside the entrances of the apartments."

They said they were surprised to see those cameras without their knowledge. When they inquired about them, they were told that they will be provided remote controllers and recorders for these cameras, each for his own apartment.

Speaker to local daily al-Wasat, the residents said, "We believe that what the Ministry did contradicts with the principle of privacy of the families living in these apartments. The Ministry should have first taken our approval before installing these cameras (...). Had these cameras been installed at the entrance of the building that would have been accepted, but to have them installed outside our apartment, then we believe that is something that needs our approval first."

The Ministry of Interior had also intensified the installation of surveillance cameras on the streets and roads, and imposed on all shops and institutions to install cameras, as it did in mosques. This measure comes as part of its vast measured to confront the pro-democracy popular protests.

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