Bahrain Press Association: CID Forces Activist to Confess after Threatening him to Assault his Wife & Sister

2017-04-21 - 6:03 م

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain Press Association said that an e-activist was forced to say confessions in the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) after threatening him to assault his wife and sister.

The association said on its Facebook account that activist Mahmoud Abdulhamid (41 years) from Bani Jamra was arrested in a house raid carried out by masked people on April 2.

BPA explained that Abdulhamid was accused of calling for protest in Riffa against the new traffic law. The CID administration threatened to attack his wife and sister if he doesn't admit the charges brought against him.

It continued that Abdulhamid confessed on the second day that he published an invitation to stage a protest in Riffa but he was not its source. However, when he was referred to the prosecution, he denied the charges and said that he was beaten and threatened that his wife and sister will be assaulted in case he does not admit the charges.

The public prosecution released activist Mahmoud Abdulhamid on April 3, 2017 after interrogating him. It was not revealed whether his case will be referred to the court or not.

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