HR Activist Hussein Radhi Denied Leaving Bahrain Based on Public Prosecution Order

2017-04-21 - 5:32 م

Bahrain Mirror: Member of Bahrain Center for Human Rights and activist Hussein Radhi said that the security authorities at Bahrain Airport told him yesterday (April 20, 2017) that he is banned from traveling based on order from the public prosecution.

He added in a tweet on his own Twitter account that the passports employee at the airport told him that there is a travel ban issued against him on April 14 based on order from the prosecution, "as it is the case with many activists" he expressed.

About 12 activists received subpoenas on Friday (April 17, 2017) to appear before the prosecution on the onset of the coming week, which indicates that there is a new campaign against activists in the country.

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Prosecution Summons 12 Activists for Interrogation, including Ibrahim Sharif

The Public Prosecution summoned on Friday (April 21, 2017) 12 Bahraini activists for interrogation, on Monday and Tuesday, on top the opposition leader Ibrahim Sharif.

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