Senior Clerics: Unified Family Draft Law Contains Many Errors, Transgressions of Sects

2017-04-19 - 6:44 م

Bahrain Mirror: Senior Bahraini clerics stressed that they continue to demand constitutional guarantees that protect family law, an issue not yet made available. They stressed that any decision that overlooks these guarantees is considered an insult to sectarian sanctities.

Moreover, the clerics, among them Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Ahmad Qassim, Sayed Abdullah Al Ghuraifi, Sheikh Abdul Hussein Al-Sitri, Sheikh Mohammad Saleh al-Rubaie, and Sheikh Mohammad Sanqour, said in a statement issued Wednesday (April 19, 2017) that the involvement of the establishment "in the purely religious matters will push towards more repercussions." "This would complicate the situation at a state where the country needs more cohesion in the face of difficult turns," the statement read.

"We found that the unified family law, based on an initial reading, has a wide range of errors and overlooks the sectarian opinion and provisions. This would impose on the followers of certain sects provisions that are incompatible with their doctrine," the clerics further stated.

He also wondered who would in this case anyone accept such a law, as people would be compromising their sects' provisions. They reiterated that guarantees are requested by clerics to protect those provisions.

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