Bahraini Clerics: Diraz Siege Marks 300 Days

2017-04-16 - 10:19 م

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini clerics said that 300 days have passed since the police imposed a siege on Diraz, following the open-ended sit-in that was launched in protest against the revocation of Sheikh Isa Qassim's citizenship and putting him on trial.

In a statement issued on Saturday (April 15, 2017), the clerics stressed that "300 days have passed since the arbitrary siege (...) through which multiple violations were committed."

They saw that the siege reflects the authorities' "weakness and disappointment."

They further stated "this arbitrary siege has revealed the place that this person (Sheikh Qassim) has in the hearts of people, both young and old, and showed that any attempt to reach or harm him will only take place except over their [dead] bodies." The clerics hailed the steadfastness of protestors rallying at the protest square.

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