Amnesty International Publishes Report about Executions: Bahrain Executed 3 Political Protestors

2017-04-13 - 11:19 م

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: A new report issued by Amnesty International said that executions in the world fell and that a lower number of states is issuing execution sentences, however, the number of people executed in the world increased in comparison to the previous years.

The report stated that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are among the world's top executioners, indicating that some of the countries, including Bahrain, resumed execution sentences after putting them to halt. It further stated that three political protestors were executed in the Gulf Kingdom on the onset of 2017.

The organization said in its report that there are strong ties linking these states to the UK that continued to provide support to its security forces (forces of these states), despite concerns regarding violations like executions and use of torture to get "forced" confessions.

Amnesty's UK Director Kate Allen said: 'We fear that trade and security issues are trumping human rights, with UK officials damping down their objections to the death penalty when it comes to countries like Saudi Arabia or Bahrain."

Reprieve had already revealed that the police in each of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia were trained by public institutions in Britain, despite concerns over engaging in serious human rights violation.

Reprieve had addressed Prime Minister Theresa May urging her to call for the release of three juveniles who face beheading for allegedly attending political protestors.

May visited Saudi Arabia last week to promote closer UK-Saudi ties. However, reprieve indicated that it was unclear whether she raised the cases with the Saudi leadership.

Reprieve director Maya Foa commented saying: 'While the overall trend towards fewer executions is welcome, it's disturbing that certain governments are increasingly using the death penalty as a means of crushing dissent. Many of those with the worst record on executions are countries which British Prime Minister Theresa May has been actively courting in recent weeks - including Saudi Arabia, where juveniles face beheading and crucifixion, and Bahrain, where political protesters have been executed on the basis of forced 'confessions'."

She added: "The UK government must not let the trade agenda trump concerns for human rights. Mrs May must condemn the use of the death penalty as a tool of oppression."

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