Local Newspaper: Complaints from Detainees’ Families whose Housing Requests were Suspended or Cancelled

2017-04-11 - 9:18 م

Bahrain Mirror: Families of detainees said that their housing requests have been suspended or cancelled by the ministry of housing within the past months after they failed to update their data, according to Al-Wasat newspaper.

The newspaper added that some families worked according to the guidance and demands of the ministry of housing, represented in providing official power of attorney certified by the authorities in the country stating that the husband (arrested, detained) gives the attorney to his wife and cedes the housing unit to her. However, most of these efforts did not lead to a solution that would end the sufferings of cancelling the requests and giving them housing allowances.

The detainees' families said that they worked hard to get the needed documents and power of attorney in order to update their data at the ministry of housing. They added that some of their efforts reached advanced stages and some were disrupted from the beginning.

The families announced that some officials in the ministry of housing told them that the detainees have no rights to get any of the housing services based on orders from higher authorities. Meanwhile, the families stressed their unwillingness to lose the waiting years for requests that lasted over 10 or 15 years.

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