Parliament Rejects Proposal Conditioning 10-Year Nationalization for Housing Services

2017-04-06 - 4:27 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Members of Parliament rejected during last week's session a proposal conditioning 10-years of naturalization to have passed for any individual to receive housing services.

Housing Ministry representative, Fatima al-Manaei, said it is not true that newly naturalized citizens were granted housing services. She stressed that the Ministry follows clear standards in this regards, whether the receiver is of Bahraini origins or naturalized.

On his part, MP Adel Hameed indicated that they are not against the newly naturalized Bahrainis, but they don't find it reasonable for someone who was naturalized 4 or 5 years ago to receive housing services, while some Bahraini citizens await more than 20 years to receive any of these services.

Moreover, MP Mohammad al-Amadi believed that the aforementioned proposal to condition the 10-year naturalization of citizens suggests some discrimination, as it differentiates between the Bahrainis by origin and Bahrainis by naturalization.

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