Supreme Council for Women Backs Endeavors for Unified Family Law Despite Concerns of Shiites

2017-04-10 - 12:54 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Women Hala Al-Ansari revealed that there are serious endeavors towards making a "unified" family law in Bahrain, adding that they will be announced by the competent authorities.

Al-Ansari commended President of the Legislative and Legal Committee of the Shura Council Dalal Al-Zayed for her proposal, along with other members of the council, of a bill aimed at issuing a unified family law, stressing that it is necessary that this bill fill the legislative loophole in order to resolve the resulting issues on the level of the Bahraini families' stability and their rights, especially women's rights, following, according to Al-Ansar, Bahrain's successful experience in the implementation of the first section of the law put into effect in 2009.

It is worthy to note that the majority of the Shiite sect adherents in Bahrain have fears regarding the government's management of family affairs, including marriage, divorce and inheritance, especially amid the regime's ongoing campaign targeting the Shiite faith and the Shiites religious affairs. The authorities have attacked the Shiite religious obligatory ritual of Khums (alms), prosecuted the Shiite religious authority in the country Ayatollah Isa Qassim over this ritual, and banned Shiites from performing their rites, particularly their central Friday prayers in the village of Diraz, for about 39 weeks.

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