Fadhel Abbas' Family: More than 6 Months Have Passed, Neither We Nor His Lawyer were Allowed to Meet him

2017-04-05 - 10:08 م

Bahrain Mirror: Detainee Fadhel Abbas' family demanded the ministry of interior to allow them visit their son, expressing fear over his safety, especially that he has been held since 190 days, i.e. more than 6 months, noting that the family couldn't visit him even one time. His lawyer couldn't get Abbas' proxy to represent him attending the investigation sessions. Moreover, Fadhel wasn't presented to the prosecution despite being held for months.  

The family has also mentioned that "Their son Fadhel, who resides in Hamad town, was arrested on the dawn of September 26, 2016 and only called during the first days of his arrest. He then called after 55 days. Their son only called his family 5 times during the 190 days. Fadhel called his family 36 days earlier and he sounded frail in the last two calls, which increased the family's concern over him."

"We have received several visit permits from the Public Prosecution. However, each time, the authorities postpone the visit to continue the interrogation with him since the order of his arrest came from the terrorist cases prosecution, according to what we were told. We have been promised a call back to arrange for a visit, but that hasn't happened yet," they further stated.

They added "We have approached the public prosecution in the Ministry of Interior, but it said that it can't interfere with the issue considering that the order was issued from the aforementioned prosecution. We also approached the National Human Rights Institution to know Fadhel's fate and current location, but we have not received anything yet. Besides, we also addressed the prosecution more than once to know his fate."

The family concluded "We call on the security authorities to reveal Fadhel's fate and expose him to a physician if his condition requires because we are very concerned over his health, and allow us to visit him as soon as possible."

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