UN Encourages Bahrain to Take Confidence-Building Measures and Hold Genuine National Dialogue

2017-04-02 - 5:32 م

Bahrain Mirror: The United Nations called to carry out proper investigations in the killings of protestors in Bahrain. Farhan Haq, Deputy Spokesman for the Secretary-General, said in a press conference on March 31, 2017 that "the United Nations demanded Bahrain to undertake confidence‑building measures and hold a genuine national dialogue that helps ensuring peace, stability and prosperity for all Bahrainis."

Haq replied to a question "Regarding the recent developments in Bahrain, I'll just point out that, in recent weeks, we've been expressing concerns about restrictions on fundamental freedoms, such as the right to peaceful assembly, freedom of association, and freedom of expression in Bahrain," adding that "we encourage the Government to undertake meaningful and confidence‑building measures, including a genuine national dialogue, so as to help ensure peace, stability and prosperity for all Bahrainis."

Responding to another question about extrajudicial killing of protestors by policemen, Farhan commented saying "We certainly hope and expect that all such deaths will be properly investigated."

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