Editorial: The Sweetness of Mustafa Hamdan’s Mother

2017-03-29 - 12:51 ص

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): It is indeed the year of mothers [2017] in Bahrain. Martyr Sami Mushaima's mother commenced this year with the reiteration of the historic words that traverse time and space, "I saw nothing but beauty," after her son was executed by the Bahraini authorities in January. Her words; however, resonated with a sweet melody. All the mothers of martyrs manifested extraordinary strength, Abbass Al-Samei, Ali Al-Singace and Rida Al-Ghasra's mothers, and then joined them the mother of the living martyrs since the 1990s Mariam Tareef, after her son Mohammad Sahwan finally achieved the honor of martyrdom. On the day of his funeral, Mustafa Hamdan's mother also showed the world the sweet side of martyrdom.

It was scene between fiction and reality, as she was striding among mourners as if she her son was a groom on his wedding day. She spread the sweetness of her presence in that gloomy atmosphere, expressing her contentment to her Lord and then turning to her son to tell him how proud she is of him.

Content and acceptance reflected here is an embodiment of willpower. We see her walk tall not shedding her tears, raising her hands towards the sky not lowering her head to the ground, ascending to the state of contentment and not falling in the pit of resentment, expressing herself not with eloquent words but rather with the vibrant blood that her son shed, embodying the will of martyrs.

The sacrifice of martyrs cannot be completed without the endurance and content of mothers. This is what silenced the past tyrants and silences the tyrants of today who will be buried in the ash heap of history.

How can the despot now confront these strong mothers who accepted their sons' martyrdom with full content! With what logic can the authorities now address this sweetness that has defeated the bitterness of their actions! They can do nothing but watch in silence.

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