Iran Describes Bahrain’s Claims as “Groundless”

2017-03-27 - 8:38 م

Bahrain Mirror: Spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry Bahram Qasemi refused the new claims made by the Bahraini officials that Iran has had links with a so-called terrorist group arrested recently.

Qasemi described the claims of the Bahraini authorities as "groundless", adding "It's wondering how insistent the Bahraini officials are on repetition of baseless anti-Iran accusations and on their untrue and unfounded claims against the country."

He called on Bahrain to respect the rights of its nationals instead of playing the blame game and repeating unfounded allegations.

Qasemi concluded his statement advising the government of Bahrain to follow policy of good neighborly relations with its northern neighbor, avoid levelling fruitless and baseless allegations and try to manage its internal affairs with more discernment.

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