Dry Dock Prison Prevents Access of Clothes for Detainees, Forces them to Buy Expensive Clothes from Prison

2017-03-27 - 7:53 م

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: The administration of Dry Dock Prison proceeded in its restricting measures against the detainees and their families. It has banned the detainees' families from bringing in clothes to their sons who are detained over political cases.

The family of one of the detainees said in its last visit they conducted to their sons that the prison's administration prevented access of clothes for detainees. Meanwhile, another detainee said that they are obliged to buy their needs from the prison and that the prices there are too expensive, explaining that a simple shoes made out of plastic costs the detainee 7 BD.

The ministry of interior is imposing restrictions on detainees in the Dry Dock Prison and Jaw Central Prison and their families through taking measures like placing glass barrier between them and their families in the weekly visits. The prison's administration also decreased the visitation duration from one hour to half an hour and separated the detained brothers from each other in the weekly visits, which increases the families' sufferings who have to go more than once weekly to visit their sons.

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