Military Judiciary Sentences Murderer of Eman Salehi to Life in Jail

2017-03-22 - 6:18 م

Bahrain Mirror: The military court issued on Tuesday (March 21, 2017) a life imprisonment sentence against murderer of Eman Salehi, according to Military Judiciary Chief Youssef Flaifel.

In a statement published by Bahrain News agency, Flaifel said "A defendant accused of killing a Bahraini woman on December 23 on Noon Highway, in Riffa, has been sentenced to life imprisonment. The Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) Grand Military Court found him guilty and ordered the seizure of the firearm and ammunition."

Flaifel added that "The public hearing sessions convened in the presence of the families of the defendant and the victim, along with a large attendance of civilians", stressing on "the right of the convict and the military prosecution to challenge the verdict before the High Military Court of Appeals, and then refer the case to the High Military Court of Cassation as per the appellate procedures."

Activists said that murderer of Eman Salehi is one of the ruling family members. Meanwhile, official parties refused to reveal the identity of the murderer who killed Eman using a weapon he owns.

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