German Ambassador Confirms Arrest of Bahraini Citizen based on Warrant from Interpol, Says He is Still Under investigations

2017-03-20 - 8:16 م

Bahrain Mirror: German Ambassador to Bahrain Alfred Simms-Protz said that the arrest of a Bahraini citizen in Berlin last Friday at the hands of German police came as a response to a warrant issued by the Interpol based on Bahraini request.

He added in a statement to the Al-Ayam newspaper that he can't confirm or deny the identity of the Bahraini who was arrested in Berlin in order to maintain the privacy of his identity, stressing that the suspect is still under investigations at the competent German authorities.

The German Ambassador denied that there is a review on the asylum policy to Germany without reducing security and scrutiny that increased after members of terrorist organizations exploited political asylum requests to reside in Germany and resume their terrorist activities.

As for the question on whether this arrest would open the door to the involvement of other people found in Germany, the ambassador said that it is hard to say if there are other people linked to this person or have ties to terrorist activities in Germany before the conclusion of the investigations that are being carried out. He added "I can confirm that no one is arrested in Germany unless there's definite and accurate information about his involvement in any criminal or terrorist activities that threaten Germany or other countries, but of course the jurisdiction is to decide on the conviction."

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