Interior Ministry Officers during Zulfiqar Brigades Trial: We Don’t Recall Anything about the Case & Defendants

2017-03-20 - 1:49 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Five Bahraini security officers attended today as attesting witnesses in what is known as the Zulfiqar Brigades case, which involves 138 defendants, including 86 who were taken into custody while the rest are either outside the country or at large.

After the judge asked the officers about their testimonies made regarding the case and the defendants involved, the officers shocked everyone by stating that they do not remember any details. After the judge reiterated the question, it was evident that they did not even remember the defendants and nothing about the case that the authorities and prosecution described as involving the largest terrorist cell to be seized.
One of the officers said that they do not currently remember the case's details, but they adhere to their statements. The judge replied by saying that he are aware of their statements before the public prosecution, but he now wants their testimonies before the court. This put the judge in a difficult position, especially after the defense lawyers intervened stressing that: if the officers do not remember anything about the case, then why are 86 defendants still being held for over a period of 16 months.

The defense attorneys called for the release of their clients on bail or with guarantee of place of residence, since they are being detained over statements by officers that do not recall anything about the case.

The judge decided to adjourn the case, scheduling the next session  to be held on April 18, 2017, adding that he will announce his decision regarding the defense lawyers' request for release.

The Zulfiqar Brigades case involves 138 defendants charged with forming a terrorist group and joining it, communicating with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, committing 19 bomb attacks and planting bomb replicas in various areas across Bahrain.

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