Martyr Mohammad Sahwan to Jihad from “Jaw” Novel: Think About How to Break their Tyranny

2017-03-17 - 6:13 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Once again, "Jaw" Novel talks about another martyr in the folds of its pages, and this time it's martyr Mohammad Sahwan, after martyr Abbas Al-Samie. The writer described how Sahwan spoke to him during a night at the prison. Sahwan said, "Prison is a means that the regime uses to kill us (...). Think about how to break their tyranny instead of thinking about what their tyranny does to you."

On page 215 of the novel, Jihad says, "I saw my teacher and mentor (Mohammd Sahwan) walking alone, so I joined him, and that day, he told me something that stayed in my head. He said, "Prison dear Jihad is a den of risks and difficulties, so don't expect to rest and relax in it."

Martyr Sahwan further told Jihad, "I see complaining and despair from the youth these days in the difficult circumstances, as if they would change anything by their complaining. The thing that you need to think about is how to exploit these harsh circumstances in a good way, and turn it into a strength that resists any attempt to break us."

Moreover, martyr Mohammd Sahwan added, "Prison is a means the regime uses to kill us, and we need to exploit it for our inner development to prevail over the oppressors, walls, and the jailers. Think about how you would break their tyranny, instead of thinking what their tyranny did to you." After quoting him, Jihad said, "I didn't walk with him much, since I was tired that night."

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