Detainee Mohammad Sahwan was Martyred in Jaw prison due to Neglected Head Injury after 5 Years of Detention

2017-03-17 - 4:12 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini detainee held in Jaw Central Prison, Mohammad Sahwan (45 years old), was martyred today on Thursday (March 16, 2017), while he was still serving his 10-year prison term. He was imprisoned over charges linking him to joining what's known as the "Qatar Cell".

Sahwan was denied medical treatment in prison, despite suffering from 80 shrapnel in his head, sustained by shotgun bullets during a 2012 protest in Sanabis.

The Ministry of Interior announced that Sahwan died "while he was exercising sports in the reform and rehabilitation center at Jaw", and that preliminary information indicate he died of natural causes. The MoI said it had informed the Public Prosecution of his death.

On his part, Al-Wefaq Deputy Secretary General, Sheikh Hussein al-Daihi said that Sahwan is an icon of Bahrain, addressing the martyr by saying, "You needed treatment and they neglected you, and deliberately harmed you, until you died due to your pain, as an oppressed martyr."

Sheikh al-Daihi noted through his twitter account, "Mohammad Sahwan endured, along with his family, injustice and oppression like all Bahraini families, and his family either had a detainee or pursued member, due to their stances against the regime's oppression."

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