Bahraini Public Prosecution’s Plea against Sheikh Isa Qassim Unveils Authorities’ Sectarianism and Hatred

2017-03-14 - 5:29 ص

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Was the plea entered by the Bahraini Public Prosecution really a judicial plea or a babbly speech delivered by a Takfiri extremist on a platform of hatred?!

"It is dear to us to return to your sacred arena a man who has reached a very old age. Yet the truth is dearer to us as to you than the defendant who did not learn throughout his life any aspect of rightdoing, whose actions that lack rationality, and who allowed himself to follow the law of the jungle. He claimed to have a false sense of dignity so that he would be considered among the [righteous] masters and then became a politician whose demands call for pity...," read the plea.

This shows that it is mere meaningless "poetic" rambling that the Bahrainis got use to hearing from the Takfiri Imams of mosques, who are appointed by the Justice Ministry to deliver Friday sermons across Bahrain. The ministry provides them with the time and place to spew their hatred against the Shiite sect and attack its religious leaders. Yes, Bahrainis are used to this, yet to have a plea entered by a state authority written in such a language is a major scandal.

It seems that the hatred of the Public Prosecution has defeated its "legality" even in the wording of its plea. It perhaps forgot that it should represent the legal opponent in a trial, even if just formally, and not unmask the face of its sectarian hostility that it always strived to conceal. However, it seems that it no longer cares how it presents itself, since it bared its true face before everyone and disregarded all humane and moral considerations.

The prosecution used assonance in their phrasing of the plea. Assonance was typically used in ancient times and has since become almost extinct in writing nowadays. It is; however, still widely used in Salafist writings and speeches of ISIS leaders and in their publications as well.

The the Public Prosecution's plea was drenched with assonance, but it is assonance that lacks beauty and eloquence and rather filled with enmity. The wording of the plea exposes its sectarian orientation. It is the words of a Salfist extremist ISIS writer oozing with hatred against the followers of a certain faith.

The Public Prosecution replaced legal grounds with sensationalism fueled with hatred and interfered in a private religious matter of a certain sect. None of the adherents of this sect, neither the payers of Khums (an obligatory Shiite ritual "alms") nor the lawful collectors and distributors of the Khums money, file any complaints. It is a completely private religious matter. The authorities have no right to intervene as long as the people accept this ritual. They; nonetheless, interfered, aiming at confiscating the money and taking over it. Their goal is to intensify the crackdown on the Shiite sect and harassment of its followers financially and existentially. That's all there is to it.

The Public Prosecution; however, made many contradictions in its plea. In their attempt to turn the people against Sheikh Isa Qassim who was entrusted with their money. Describing him, it said that he kept the Khums money for himself, claiming that his "thirst for more was not quenched and thus he kept asking for more [...]"

However, attempting to incriminate him, it went on to say: "He spent some of the money to gather more loyal followers that he would use to destroy this homeland [...]" The prosecution further alleged that "he turned his eyes to those outside the country and began paying them in case he would need them one day." It added that he also spent money on "criminals" so they would continue to commit crimes.

Thus according to the accusations in the plea, it is no longer clear whether he collected money for himself or spent it on people outside the country and the families of imprisoned Bahrainis! How contradictory these accusations are!

We do not understand how helping out families of detainees is a crime. How can this financial aid be deemed support for terrorism! It is as if the Public Prosecution is saying that when one family member is convicted, his entire family should be incriminated too.

Disregarding all moral considerations, the Public Prosecution in its plea insulted a highly revered religious authority known for his piety among the Shiite sect inside and outside Bahrain, using offensive language. This plea clearly shows the extent of moral degradation the Public Prosecution has reached.

It truly reveals the true character of the party prosecuting Sheikh Qassim and the Shiite sect in Bahrain.

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