On the Eve of his Client’s Release, Dr. Ali Al-Ekri’s Lawyer Al-Mullah: Al-Ekri was Tortured in Unimaginable Ways

2017-03-10 - 6:02 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Detained Dr. Ali Al-Ekri's lawyer, Hamid Al-Mullah, said that his client will be released tomorrow Friday (March 10, 2017) from prison "with pride". He noted that his client was imprisoned for 5 years over charges they did not recognizes at all. Among the charges against Dr. Al-Ekri was compromising the state security.

Al-Mullah confirmed that measures adopted against Al-Ekri, from detention to imprisonment, were not proper. He clarified that he was tortured, in the most ugly and brutal ways. Al-Mullah said, "When I saw him for the first time after his arrest, I found him subjected to torture, in ways that human mind cannot imagine. Right organizations were stunned before this kind of innovation in torture."

Moreover, Lawyer Al-Mullah said that throughout the past 5 years, he was keen to visit Dr. Al-Ekri, and indicated, "I always used to see him in a very high spirit, he gives hope that live continues despite pain and distress. I visited him to check on him, and to keep the communication between us."

Tomorrow marks the second anniversary to the "Jaw Central Prison" events, during which detainees were subjected to brutal capital torture by Jordanian gendarmerie, whom the Bahraini authorities use to crack down popular protests.

Al-Ekri's lawyer said the soon to be free doctor noted that the Jordanians don't know any other language or communication but beating.

Al-Mullah said he reassured Dr. Al-Ekri over his legal situation after the latter contacted him yesterday to thank him and inquire. Dr. Al-Akri had informed his lawyer that the Jaw Prison administration informed him that there are no more verdict or charges against him.

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