Safaa Al-Khawaja: Authorities in Bahrain are Using Measures that Hinder Real Equality for Violations’ Victims

2017-02-16 - 8:09 م

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain Center for Human Rights member Safaa Al-Khawaja said that the authorities in Bahrain are still using measures that hinder the real equality for the victims of violations, which is contradictory to the principles of the transitional justice in the international bill.

Al-Khawaja said in a statement on Thursday (February 16, 2017) that the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) that was created after the BICI report, is one of the institutions concerned in questioning those involved in the violations; however, the institution's results in reality are impalpable making its work merely formal.

She continued: "Commuting sentences for those involved in the violations or acquitting them help in creating environments that promote impunity in spite of the confessions by the victims of them being subjected to torture."

She considered that the citizens' lives are in danger, pointing out that the condition of Mostafa Hamdan (18 years), who was directly shot by masked civil members 26 days ago, is one of the cases in which real equality is absent.

Al-Khawaja concluded her statement calling on the Bahrain authorities to allow the special rapporteurs to visit Bahrain, especially the Special Rapporteur on summary or arbitrary executions and special rapporteur on torture.

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