Health Status of Injured Diraz Protester Mostafa Hamdan Enters “Very Critical” Stage

2017-02-16 - 8:48 ص

Bahrain Mirror (exclusive): Information reported that the health status of injured Bahraini Mostafa Hamdan (18 years old) entered a very critical stage, and it might be fatal if his heart status continued to decline.    

Medical information said that his heart beats began to fall to alarming levels since last night, and that repeated surgical interventions failed to stop the bleeding, occurring with a full brain damage.

Moreover, informational noted that Hamdan was transformed into isolation after he suffered from dangerous viruses, and tests showed he had at least one virus, while results for other tests and still awaited.

While the hospital remains discrete regarding his health status, Interior Ministry forces are still standing guards at his hospital room.

Hamdan was hit by a bullet in his head on January 26, 2017, after civilian forces (believed to be affiliated to the National Security Agency), attacked protesters in Diraz.

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