Number of Injuries after Security Forces Attacked Protests in Bani Jamra & Mourning Procession in Diraz

2017-02-12 - 4:57 ص

Bahrain Mirror: At least dozen of citizens were injured on Saturday (February 11, 2017) when the security forces opened fire and tear gas against protestors in Bani Jamra and mourning procession in Diraz.

The Ministry of Interior's forces responded to the protestors in Bani Jamra using shotguns and tear gas, leaving 10 injured protestors.

Bani Jamra has been witnessing angry protests for the third consecutive day against the killing of martyrs Rida Al-Ghisra, Mahmoud Yahya amd Mostafa Yousif, after a large force attacked a boat they were abroad.

In Diraz, mourners, including old people, suffocated after the security forces hurled tear gas against a mourning procession commemorating the martyrdom of Fatima Al-Zahraa.

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