Mostafa Hamdan’s Health Deteriorates due to Medical Negligence in Al-Salmaniya, Patient under Police Guard

2017-02-09 - 8:50 م

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: Information revealed that Mostafa Hamdan's health has deteriorated due to not receiving adequate health care in Al-Salmaniya Medical Complex, despite his critical head wound.

Officials in the hospital claim that there is no consultant who can follow Hamdan's case.

Hamdan was transferred to the hospital after receiving a bullet in his head when a private force (believed to be affiliate to the National Security Agency) attacked the protestors in Diraz at the dawn of Thursday (January 26, 2017).

Information unveiled that Hamdan's health condition deteriorated after his wound surgery remained uncleaned and unsterilized since the operation day until 2 days ago, after repeated demands from his family to take care of him.

The hospital's administration refused to hand Hamdan's family a detailed report about his health case. The family noticed that his brain is enlarging and that one of his eyes got affected due to the injury.

Information also showed that one of the doctors came to examine Hamdan's eyes. He said that his eyes are good, despite the blood clots and severe drought.   

Hamdan's family is subjected to searching and threats by the police guarding Mostafa's room, claiming he is security wanted.

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