Former Bahraini MoI Officer, ISIS-Affiliate Killed in ISIS Lines

2017-02-07 - 6:11 ص

Bahrain Mirror: ISIS-affiliated "Twitter" accounts reported that former Bahraini lieutenant at the Ministry of Interior, Mohammad Isa Al-Binali, as known as "Abu Isa al-Bahraini" or "Abu Isa al-Silmi", was killed late last year (2016) while in ISIS lines.

According to al-Mayadeen website, the Twitter accounts indicating the story did not refer to the place where Al-Binali was killed, and only noted that he was killed in "fierce battles under an air strike."

Al-Binali had announced on his twitter account (July 15, 2014), that he defected from the Bahraini regime, while the latter announced it had terminated Al-Binali's serviced due to his failures at work.

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