Al-Shamlawi: Cassation Court Rejects Request to Halt Liquidation of Al-Wefaq

2017-02-06 - 8:01 م

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Court of Cassation rejected on Monday (February 6, 2017) request to halt liquidation of Al-Wefaq Society, Bahrain's largest opposition society, according to lawyer Al-Shamlawi.

A Bahraini court had decided to dissolve Al-Wefaq and liquidate its assets in the toughest campaign launched against the opposition.

Dissolution of Al-Wefaq, harshening the sentence against opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman and revocation of Sheikh Isa Qassim's citizenship stirred up severe criticism from UN and US.

Al-Wefaq lawyers appealed the verdict that dissolves and liquidates the society's assets. However, the appeals court upheld the first-instance verdict in the 2 cases. Meanwhile, the cassation court rejected the appeals to liquidate Al-Wefaq and will look into the appeals to dissolve it.

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