Bahrain’s King Visits National Guard, Stresses Its Combat Readiness

2017-01-30 - 7:28 م

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa praised the high-level of combat readiness of the National Guard and hailed the roles of its members in maintaining the homeland's security and stability.

This came during his visit to the National Guard headquarters on Sunday (January 29, 2017) to attend its 20th establishment anniversary celebration.

The National Guard has been controlling the LuaLua (pearl) Roundabout, the cradle of February 14th popular protests, after the army withdrew from it and closed it militarily since March 2011. The National Guard forces participated along with the army, Interior Ministry, National Security Apparatus in clamping down on February 14th uprising. Moreover, internal security tasks were entrusted to the National Guard.  

Four separated security apparatuses rule Bahrain: Bahrain Defence Force (the army), Ministry of Interior, National Security Apparatus (Intelligence) as well as the National Guard. All of these apparatuses are headed by senior members from the ruling family.

Mohammad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the King's brother, has been heading the National Guard since it was established.

It is to mention that the king's statements come amid tensed security conditions, after he restored the arrest power to the National Security Apparatus that was already abolished based on one of BICI recommendations.

The King considered that the National Guard are quite ready to carry out the tasks assigned to them in a professional manner, hailing their work shoulder to shoulder with the army and Interior Ministry.

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