Life Sentences Issued against 6 Bahrainis over Assembling & Targeting Policemen

2017-01-30 - 12:30 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The High Criminal Court issued on Sunday (January 29, 2017) life sentences against 6 suspects and bound them to pay 1551 BD. It also handed down 3-year jail term to a suspect along with a BD 200 fine and acquitted two others.

Chief Prosecutor of the Terror Crimes Prosecution said that the suspects stood trial over charges of attempted murder and carrying out a blast for a terrorist aim.

The Public Prosecution accused the suspects of taking part in an assembly on February 12, 2016, attacking policemen and luring them to the site of an explosive device that they had already placed. They then detonated the explosive device as soon as the security personnel drew near for the purpose of murdering policemen.

The prosecution said that it relied on hearsay evidence, the attesting witnesses as well as confessions of one suspects.

International human rights organizations confirm that Bahrain uses systematic torture to force detainees say convicting confessions.

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