Radhi Al-Mosawi: Besieging 20 Thousands Citizens in Diraz is Inhumane, Shouldn’t Continue Indefinitely

2017-01-29 - 11:13 م

Bahrain Mirror: Former Secretary-General of the National Democratic Action Society (Wa'ad) told Al-Wasat newspaper that "besieging Diraz since more than 200 days is a painful to residents of Diraz, whom we applaud their patience and determination to continue living their lives."

Al-Mosawi criticized the security measures taken by the authorities and decreasing the number of Diraz's entrances to 2 after they were 11, despite the fact that there is about 20000 citizens living in the village. He indicated that this measure restricts the residents' movements and that the citizens' houses are always searched.

Al-Mosawi stated "there is neither political nor security justification to decrease the number of entrances in the northern part of the city from 3 to 1," adding that "this comes in the context of proceeding in the collective punishment against the residents."

"This situation should not continue indefinitely. It is inhumane and unethical and should be immediately put to an end," he went on to say.

Former Secretary-General of Wa'ad, Radhi Al-Mosawi, concluded his statement to the newspaper by calling on the official parties to break their silence and announce the details of the incident, especially that a number of citizens were injured with a serious case among them..

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