Sheikh Abdullah Daqaq: Shrouds Protest is Peaceful, Crowds will Deter Ruling Regime

2017-01-29 - 10:47 م

Bahrain Mirror: Sheikh Abdullah Daqaq, Sheikh Isa Qassim's Representative in Iran, stressed on the peacefulness of shrouds protests that the Bahraini scholars called to stage on Sunday (January 29, 2016), deeming them a duty to defend the nation and religion.

In statements reported by Mahr New Agency, Daqaq urged all Bahrainis to take part in the protest to deter the oppressor and resist the suppression practiced by Al Khalifa family."

Sheikh Daqaq considered the regime's move to set Sheikh Isa to trial or expel him is a "political suicide that would turn the tables ", warning Al Khalifa from taking this step that would lead to a problem in the whole region.

He highlighted that confronting this targeting requires popular crowd as large crowds are always stronger than tyrants.

Sheikh Abdullah Daqaq further stated that "the shrouds protest is peaceful and so is the revolution. People will make Al Khalifa deter," calling on "everyone to take action for the sake of Diraz and head towards Sheikh Isa Qassim's house to prevent the government from executing this arbitrary decision."

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