Local Newspaper: MoI Deploys More Policemen at Diraz’s Entrances, Fences Mosque with Barbed Wires

2017-01-29 - 9:24 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Al-Wasat newspaper said on Saturday (January 28, 2017) that the Ministry of Interior deployed more policemen at different entrances of Diraz.

It added that the security siege imposed on the village's entrances prevented Bahrainis from performing Friday Prayer in Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque on Friday (January 27, 2017).

In the context of the imposed security restrictions, the newspaper announced that putting barbed wires hindered people from reaching Sheikh Darweesh Mosque in Diraz since Wednesday (January 25, 2017). Thus, worshippers prayed on the street facing the mosque.

The newspaper reported more complaints raised by the Dirazis since the imposition of security siege that "has become a continuous scene which hinders people from living their lives normally", noting that the siege was imposed after the citizenship of the highest religious authority in Bahrain, Sheikh Isa Salman, was revoked on June 20, 2016.

Since then, that security men have been only allowing residents of Diraz to enter the village after examining their identities. The newspaper reported the sufferings of Diraz residents who have to wait in the long queues of car daily, adding that students always return late to their houses.

The newspaper tackled the continuous Internet cut off in Diraz. It quoted a Dirazi saying that people complain about the daily internet cut off from 7PM until 1 AM. He went on to say "people's complaints are ignored and the responses of customer services' employees in the communication companies have become routine; they either say that they are developing the net without specifying the time needed to finish these developments or they ask the complainants to resort to the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Bahrain."

Al-Wasat further stated that it tried to take comment from the National Institution for Human Rights regarding its stance towards what is happening in Diraz, however, the institution still refuses to make any comment.

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