Mostafa Hamdan’s Mother: My Son was Shot in the Head, He Lies Between Life and Death

2017-01-27 - 4:46 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Mostafa Hamdan's mother said that her son kept on bleeding on the ground without any treatment before he was transferred to Salmaniya Hospital. Mostafa sustained a severe head injury after security forces open fire at protesters in Diraz.

In a TV interview, Mostafa's mother added, "Unfortunately, before he received medical treatment, he started questioning us about the nature of his injury", indicating, "They forgot that there is a person between life and death."

She said he kept bleeding for 3 hours, until the CT scan results came out, showing he suffered a skull fracture and brain concussion.

Moreover, his mother confirmed that he was shot in his head and bled a lot before they reached him, further accusing the government of being fully responsible for the incident.

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