Injured Diraz Protester Denied Treatment at International Hospital, Transferred to Salmaniya Hospital

2017-01-27 - 3:29 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The family of injured Diraz protester, Mostafa Hamdan, said that he was transferred to the International Hospital of Bahrain at 3 am, yet the hospital refused to provide treatment. The family then had to transfer him in a private car to the Salmaniya Hospital, instead of providing an ambulance for them.

Despite his critical situation and continuous bleeding, he was questioned about his injury upon his arrival to the Salmaniya Hospital. He however, was not able to talk. He then entered in a state of coma, and his family was questioned concerning his injury.

Mostafa Hamdan was shot in his head Thursday dawn, when a group of civilian special forces raided protesters gathered near the house of spiritual leader, Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim in Diraz.

Mostafa's CT scan showed a bullet resting in his skull, and doctors said it is not possible to perform surgery to remove it.

مصطفى حمدان

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