How French Speaking Newspapers Reported Execution of 3 Bahrainis

2017-01-20 - 9:59 م

Bahrain Mirror-Exclusive: French and French speaking newspapers reported the execution of Sami Mushaima, Abbas Al-Samie and Ali Al-Singace.

Le Monde, Le Figaro, L'express, Le Parisien, Courrier International and L'Orient Le Jour that is published in Beirut were the most important newspapers that reported the news.

The newspapers read "Three Executed Shiites, Protests against Sunni Government," noting what Sayed Ahmed Al-Wedaei said "This is a black day in Bahrain's history" and to what Reprieve director Maya Foa described as "outrage" and "disgraceful breach of international law". It also stressed that the execution sparked protests and stoke tensions between the country's Shiite majority and its Sunni rulers.

The newspapers tackled the reactions since the execution news was leaked, including Brian Dooley, from Human Rights First, who urged the United States to "warn its Gulf ally that this would be a reckless, frightening level of repression to pursue, likely to spark rage and further violence in an already volatile region."

The newspapers added that the Bahraini authorities do not permit international news agencies to cover events independently and talked about the brutal oppression against Shiite opposition in 2011.

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