Bahrainis Light Candles for Death Penalty Martyrs

2017-01-19 - 10:34 م

Bahrain Mirror: Thousands of Bahrainis lit candles on Wednesday (January 18, 2017) mourning the martyrs Ali Al-Singace, Abbas Al-Samie and Sami Mushaima who were executed by squads in the first death penalty carried out since 2011 uprising.

Thousands of women and men marched the streets of Sanabis, the hometown of the three martyrs and held their photos in a grieving atmosphere.

In Diraz, people lit candles outside Sheikh Isa Qassim's house and held symbolic coffins for the three martyrs.

Similar protests were staged in each of Sitra, Karzakan, Bilad Al-Qadeem, Karana, Adhari, Karbabad, Juffair, Tubli, Bu Quwah, Al-Dair, Himla, Abu Saiba, Muqaba, Al-Qadam, Sehla and Nuwaidirat.

Clashes between angry protestors and regime forces continued across different villages. As a result, dozens of protestors were injured by shotguns.

The execution sentence increased the tensions in the country that has been witnessing protests since 2011 demanding to put an end to Al Khalifa monopoly over the power.

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