Amnesty: Bahrain on brink of crisis, should Commute Death Sentences of Ramadan & Mousa

2017-01-19 - 8:31 م

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: Amnesty International said on Wednesday (January 18, 2017) that the Bahraini authorities "must immediately commute the death sentences of two men at imminent risk of execution". The two death row detainees are Mohammad Ramadan and Hussein Ali Mousa. Amnesty "warned that the harsh response to protests against three executions carried out by firing squad on 15 January risks plunging the country into a human rights crisis."

A Bahraini court had handed down death sentences to Ali Ramadan and Mousa in December 2014 after Al-Daih blast that left a dead policeman in February.

Amnesty said in a statement "Neither of the men had access to a lawyer during their interrogations". Mohammad Ramadan said he had been detained incommunicado, beaten and given electric shocks by interrogators at the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) in a failed attempt to force a confession from him. Hussain Ali Mousa said his "confession" implicating Mohammad Ramadan was extracted after he was suspended by his limbs from the ceiling and beaten repeatedly for several days.

The Bahraini Public Prosecutor dismissed the torture allegations without ordering an investigation and Hussain Ali Mousa's "confession" was used to convict the two men.

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