Amnesty International: Bahrain Execution a Regressive Step for Country

2017-01-17 - 1:48 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Amnesty International's Deputy Director for Campaigns in Beirut, Samah Hadid said that the execution of 3 Bahraini political detainees is a "regressive step" for Bahrain.

"This is a dark day for human rights in Bahrain. These executions - the first to be carried out since 2010 - are a deeply regressive step for a country whose authorities' have repeatedly trumpeted their commitment to human rights," Hadid noted. 

"On 9 January Bahrain's Court of Cassation in Bahrain upheld death sentences for Ali Abdulshaheed al-Sankis, Sami Mirza Mshaima' and Abbas Jamil Taher Mhammad al-Samea. It also upheld life sentences against seven others and the revocation of the nationality of eight of them," she went on to say.

Moreover, Hadid noted that all 10 men were convicted following an unfair trial in relation to the March 2014 killing of three policemen.

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