Iran’s Foreign Ministry Condemns Execution of 3 Bahrainis: Bahraini Gov’t Insists on Oppressive Approaches

2017-01-16 - 6:34 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Iranian Foreign Ministry strongly denounced in a statement issued today on Sunday (January 15, 2017) the Bahraini regime's execution of three political prisoners.

The statement stressed that the lack of transparency in the process of unfair trial of those three (executed) citizens has been acknowledged by the international and human rights institutions and all non-governmental organizations around the world.

The ministry further stated that the Bahraini authorities' "imprudent action" serves as a testament to the Al Khalifa's reluctance to opt for peaceful solutions for the persisting crisis.

"As always, the Bahraini government is insisting on security and oppressive approaches and brutal killing of defenseless protesters," deplored the foreign ministry spokesperson in the statement.

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