Detainees in "Jaw" Prison's Solitary Confinement: We Live in Terrible Conditions

2017-01-06 - 6:22 م

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini death row detainee Mohammad Ramadan, confirmed that the detainees in solitary confinement in "Jaw" Prison live in "terrible conditions", since 10 prisoners managed to escape last Sunday.

Ramadan's wife, Zeinab Mohammad, said according to her husband, that (the guards) took all their things and clothes, and are treating them "a terrible treatment, yelling at them, intimidating them, and interrogating them more than three times."

She added through a post on her Twitter account, "After 7 days of no information about my death row sentenced husband, he called today and told me they are living in terrible conditions." Zeinab wondered, "What is my husband's guilt, with those around him, in what happened with the group that escaped prison, to be treated this bad treatment."

Ramadan's wife also called on "human rights personnel to interfere to stop violations against her husband and detainees in solitary confinement."

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