Australian “News” Website Removes Article on Bahrain King’s Wife Private Life, Narrated by her Masseuse

2016-12-29 - 1:52 ص

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Australian "News" website deleted an article in which the former private masseuse of Bahrain King's wife, Sabika bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, narrated details about her life in the palace. Bahrain Mirror was able to attain the content before the website deleted it.

It is expected that the website has been subjected to pressure from the ruling Al Khalifa family to delete the article, in which Era Sugianti talked about the private life in the palace that hosts around a thousand employee.

Below are original snapshots of the article that was deleted from the "News" website.

موقع نيوز الأسترالي1

موقع نيوز الأسترالي2

موقع نيوز الأسترالي3

موقع نيوز الأسترالي4

موقع نيوز الأسترالي5

موقع نيوز الأسترالي6

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