Bahraini Society Against Normalization Asks Authorities to Provide Explanations on Nature of Jewish Delegation that Visited Bahrain

2016-12-28 - 11:20 م

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini Society Against Normalization demanded that authorities to check on the nature of the Jewish delegation that visited Bahrain. It was said that the delegation represents American Jewish merchants, however, their clothes and songs indicate that they are Zionists.

The society said in a statement "in the last few days, circulated video footages showed a group of Bahraini merchants hosting a delegation wearing the traditional Jewish custom and singing Talmud songs in Hebrew. It was revealed that these songs were sang by Zionists after June 67 defeat and they call to establish a Zion state with Jerusalem as capital."

"These footages stirred up Bahrainis for the customs they included and the Hebrew words that raise suspicions about the nature of the delegation, that some claim it is a merchant and Jewish delegation that has nothing to do with the Zionist entity. There is no clear explanation until now from the authorities on who attended the meeting with the delegation," it further stated.

The society asked the Bahraini government "to bear its patriotism and nationalism responsibility in checking on the nature of this delegation and take needed measures in revealing the delegation's truth to the Bahraini people to close the doors of suspicions regarding it being Jewish delegation that has nothing to do with the Zionist entity and also take required measures in confronting the party that invited it if it was revealed that the delegation is Zionist."

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