BBC: Jewish Celebration in Bahrain Raises Controversy on Social Media Outlets

2016-12-28 - 10:08 م

Bahrain Mirror: Among the many topics the grabbed the attention of Arab tweeters were the Jewish celebrations in Bahrain and the results of municipal elections in Sultanate of Oman. Meanwhile, other tweets came as comments on Christmas.

A video went viral in social media, showing Arabs dancing with a group of Jews.

The video raised controversy among Arab tweeters, especially the Bahrainis who launched hashtag #Bahrainis_Against_Normalization. However, the hashtag did not achieve wide interaction.

According to media sources, a delegation from American Jewish merchants visited Bahrain to discuss business with one of the businessmen in the country.

The video was widely circulated on Facebook and Twitter and achieved wide views on YouTube.

The comments varied between condemnation, exclamation and acceptance. While tweeters deemed the video an insult for Bahrain's reputation and for Palestinians feelings, others called on not to mix between Judaism and Israel policies.

Arab tweeters demanded the Arab and Islamic states to work to stop normalization forms with Israel.

Rashid Jasim tweeted saying "Shame on everyone who hosted and welcomed the Jewish delegation in Bahrain; the country that gave birth to martyrs for the sake of the Palestinian cause."

On contrary, other tweeters said that delegation members are Jewish merchants and do not necessarily support Israeli policies, calling on for restraint and sobriety before issuing judges.

In her turn, Nour Al-Hajiri wrote on Facebook "menorah-lighting ceremony in Bahrain. It is not unusual, especially that the former Bahraini ambassador to the US, Hoda Nounou, was an Arab Jewish. It (the ceremony) is a reminder of coexistence and tolerance."

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