2 Years on his Arrest, Bahraini Opposition Leader Confirms Steadiness in Struggle for Democracy

2016-12-28 - 5:08 ص

Bahrain Mirror: On the 2nd year anniversary of his arrest, Bahraini opposition leader, al-Wefaq Society Secretary General Sheikh Ali Salman, confirmed his steadiness in his struggle for democracy, praising the sacrifices of the Bahraini people.

Through a phone call from his prison (December 27, 2016), Sheikh Salman said, "I kiss your hands, one by one, for what you have done for the sake of you God, country, and people."

He also thanked each individual and party who supported the Bahraini people's demands of democracy, freedom, and equality, and worked towards respecting human rights and resolving the political crisis.

Moreover, the 9-year imprisoned opposition leader confirmed his steadiness on the path of peaceful struggle towards a democratic and free Bahrain, further expressing his faith that victory would be an ally of the people.

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